People Whose Work I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Presented in no particular order:

  • Shivam Bhatt (Twitter, Tumblr) — He wrote a personal, important reaction to Wizards’ recent unveiling of the new plane of Kaladesh from the perspective of both a fan and a deeply passionate advocate for diversity and representation beyond a simple re-skinning of fantasy tropes. Since reading it I’ve begun to follow him on Twitter, and he strikes me as someone smart, authentic, and passionate, who is really good at being a fan of problematic things, and who wants to help make the things he’s passionate about even better.
  • Alexis Kennedy (Twitter, Website) — A writer whose work I’ve admired since I stumbled across Fallen London, a game that was instrumental in helping me move on from Warcraft addiction. He recently went freelance, and just announced that he landed a guest writer gig with BioWare and subsequently had this wonderful interview with PC Gamer and this succinct piece on games writing for Gama Sutra.

    Now all I want to do is hinge owls and play the Cultist Simulator.

    (Bonus round: Sunless Sea, the last game he worked on with the company he founded, has an expansion coming in October. This may be the kick in the pants I need to pick it up and explore.)

  • Mikey Neumann (Twitter, YouTube) — He’s a writer on Borderlands and the Chief Creative Champion at Gearbox, but where I’ve been enjoying him most lately is on Twitter and his Movies With Mikey series of YouTube video reviews. He’s someone who doesn’t find it worth his time to make content about things he doesn’t like, and that results in a funny, self-aware, yet ultimately affirming series of reviews. Not as “crunchy” on the technical side as some, but I almost always learn something from watching his stuff and his passion shines through in each piece. Entertaining, smart, and positive.
  • Sara Kipin (Art Portfolio) — I don’t know anything about this artist beyond what’s on her portfolio page, but this is an instance where a picture is worth a thousand words. Her work evokes an image of fantasy I had as a child, with a sense of whimsy and wonder that’s simultaneously grim and sedate, primal and proper. It reminds me of the original Evaline Ness cover illustrations for the Prydain Chronicles. Check it out.

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