Quiet Contemplation Episode 4 – Meta Narratives

In which William and Dave discuss Shirobako and the appeal of stories that are about the telling of stories, and the craft of media.

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Quiet Contemplation Episode 3 – Pen to Paper

William and Dave discuss this week’s topics in geekery (listed below), and wax nostalgic with stories of their first PnP RPG experiences.

Quiet Contemplation Episode 2 – Before the Holidays

In which the podcast starts developing its identity. William and Dave discuss Shadow of Mordor, Sora no Kiseki, procedurally generated content, Mox Boarding House, Boss Monster, and musical milestones: King Crimson live and Phish’s Junta.

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Quiet Contemplation Episode 1 – The Very Beginning

In which Bill and Dave introduce themselves and discuss goals for the podcast.

Dave’s voice is on sloth-filter due to Speech Jammer-esque mic feedback; we’ll have this fixed by the next episode!

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