Pathfinder Reboot: Episode 3 Recap

When we left our heroes, you had just finished dispatching multiple waves of zombies swarming from the shadowy confines of a ruined lighthouse.


Entering the lighthouse, you encountered a pale spectral figure: the revenant spirit of Archon Thaddius, the stonemason tasked with its construction long ago.

He explained that he was part of an expeditionary group of settlers who had attempted to start a Chelish colony on the island over 60 years before. For awhile the small town flourished, but as it began to send trade back to the north the cannibalistic fishmen—sahuagin native to the waters around the island—took notice.

Many bloody battles with the fishmen resulted in the demon-worshipping settlers being pushed back to the brink of extinction. Instead of surrendering their bodies as food, those that remained poisoned themselves in ritual suicide. Only Thaddius rebelled, barricading himself inside his impregnable stone refuge, where he eventually wasted away into the revenant you encountered.

Chelish zombies now roam the marshy swampland to the northeast of the lighthouse where the settlement of Moak Harbor once stood. The forboding jungle looms to the northwest, while the beach where you landed snakes back around to the south and the wreck of the Garamond. Rocky islands jut out of the water further west, with narrow sea channels between them and the equally rocky coastline.

At the very end of last session, Thaddius granted you access to the cache of weapons stored on a lower floor of the lighthouse. It includes well-preserved short bows, long bows, and crossbows of each standard type, along with barrels of appropriate ammunition.

So armed, you feel more ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. Do other remnants of civilization cling to this cursed island? Will you find a way to escape these dismal shores? And what karmic retribution has fallen upon you that you should have landed in such a place…

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