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So here we are, living in the dark timeline that our complacency and flawed electoral process have created.


Unlike in Morrowind, we can’t restore from a saved game. We’ve got four years of a doomed world to get through, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to take it lying down.

I won’t apologize that this post isn’t about games (though Gamergate eerily presaged it). This is a place to talk about things I love, and in light of recent events I can’t afford to be silent.

I’m still coming to grips with the reality reflected in America’s election results, and still figuring out how best to combat the perverse ideological underbelly that showed itself through them. In the process of gathering thoughts and marshaling resources, here are a few of the more eloquent voices I’ve come across over the past few weeks.

On the culpability of white liberals and the privilege of our self-isolation:

On the potential terrors of the Trump regime:

On rejection of academic privilege, the importance of pragmatic action, and the radical philosophy of hope:

On interacting with your elected representatives:

On the Muslim registry:

On Democrats’ responsibilities, in and out of elected office:

There are any number of things we can do to make our voices heard. Call. Write. Be political. Donate to worthy institutions. Make it clear to friends and loved ones that we stand with them, against hate. I have a lot of learning and growing to do. I know I’m late to the fight. But it’s not over, it MUST be won, and every ally counts.

Here’s a place to get started.

12/01/16 Update:

The thread below adds another important angle to the discussion that would be remiss to leave out.

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