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Pathfinder Reboot Codex: The Cosmic Background

Gods exist.

Scholars say that they dwell in dimensions of their own fabrication, aligned to ideals of pure justice, kindness, valor, selfishness, greed, cruelty — receiving power from the voices of their worshipers on the distant Prime Material Plane of Golarion. In return, they grant sacred boons to their followers in the form of magic to bless, curse, smite, or heal their foes.

So it has been for eons.

But with the appearance of the Spire above Absalom, scholars have fallen silent. Rules of cosmological order once thought immutable are now in question. High clerics of all faiths have retreated into a trancelike state from which they cannot be stirred, and followers of lower rank report cryptic, ominous echoes as the only answers to their prayers.


The spiritually attuned still receive the blessings of their gods — punishment and reward are still meted out according to their teachings — but the oracles most closely aligned to abstractions of ethical virtue report an almost stifling closeness. Could it be that the barriers between the worlds of gods and men are weakening? Such thoughts find exchange in hushed whispers from the cathedrals of Sothis to the alleys of Riddleport.

Quiet Contemplation Episode 3 – Pen to Paper

Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation Episode 3 - Pen to Paper

William and Dave discuss this week’s topics in geekery (listed below), and wax nostalgic with stories of their first PnP RPG experiences.

Pathfinder Reboot Episode 0: The Journey Begins

Greetings, adventurers!

Our story begins on the western edge of the continent of Garund adjoining the Fever Sea region of the vast Arcadian Ocean. The Sea and its coast are known for their fierce storms, dense jungles, and primeval ruins, while the inhabited zones along the coast are largely home to pirates, fugitives, ne’er-do-wells, and other “free spirited” folk. Lucrative trading routes, a firm pecking order on the high seas, and codes of honor among thieves are all that stand between civilization and the tempestuous forces of nature and ancient magic threatening to overwhelm them.


The Fever Sea is home to the massive ever-present hurricane, the Eye of Abendego, that acts as a natural barrier between the kingdoms of the continent of Avistan to the north (Cheliax in particular) and the lawless territories to the south (particularly Sargava, a former Chelish colony). The pirates of the islands and cliffs of the Shackles act as intermediaries of trade between the southwest and central regions of Garund and countries north past the Eye, as they are the only sailors with the skill to traverse the storms that lash its perilous edge.

Following the points of the compass, areas surrounding this region are:

  • Flanked on the north by vast desert kingdoms of Rahadoum and Thuvia (with Cheliax and Varisia further north along the coast, past the Arch of Aroden)
  • To the east by torrent-drenched swamps of the Sodden Lands and the vast, wild jungles of the Mwangi Expanse
  • To the south by lawless pirate isles of the Shackles and the independent former Chelish colony of Sargava
  • And far to the west, the archipelago continent of Azlant – a mysterious group of islands with only intermittent contact with the peoples of Garund and Avistan.

The economy of the region is driven largely by trade in rare commodities (herbs and spices, teas and coffee, exotic animal products) and contraband (drugs, stolen relics, and slaves). This trade is overseen and facilitated by the Hurricane King, pirate lord of the Shackles, and the other Free Captains – the loose coalition of pirates who call the region their home.

Quiet Contemplation Episode 2 – Before the Holidays

Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation Episode 2 - Before the Holidays

In which the podcast starts developing its identity. William and Dave discuss Shadow of Mordor, Sora no Kiseki, procedurally generated content, Mox Boarding House, Boss Monster, and musical milestones: King Crimson live and Phish’s Junta.

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Quiet Contemplation Episode 1 – The Very Beginning

Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation Episode 1 - The Very Beginning

In which Bill and Dave introduce themselves and discuss goals for the podcast.

Dave’s voice is on sloth-filter due to Speech Jammer-esque mic feedback; we’ll have this fixed by the next episode!

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